High precision roll slitting machine Ribbons of 5mm. Non rotating mandrel, the blade never damages it. Automatic blade sharpener.

  • 1 cutting head
  • Up to 30 cm diameter or 12 inches
  • Length: 2.40 meters or 95 inches
  • Digital counter 
  • Manual or automatic

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For roll to roll measuring, easy and fast handling process, cross cutters in length and width.

  • Up to 40 cm diameter or 16 inches
  • Length: Up to 3.2meters or 125 inches
  • Automatic Stop
  • Touch screen- friendly user
  • Cross Cutters X-Y

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Our range of inspection machines are specifically designed for inspection with larger inspection surfaces and the option of  free tension rewinding.


  •  Up to 40 cm diameter or 16 inches
  •  Length: 3 meters or 120 inches
  • Automatic edge guidance
  • Touch screen
  • Aviable for strech fabrics

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Band Knife - R.120

It is an impressive machine that transforms complex cutting procedures into a simple, effective process with the minimum of fuss.  


  • Table size: 2.30 * 1.20 meters
  • Cutting height: 30 cm or 12 inches
  • Manual

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The Relaxing machine was designed by Ribamatic to solve the problems of stress in the spread in the courtrooms. The system offers the versatility to transform a roll and fold form.  


  • Up to 40 cm diameter or 16 inches
  • Length: 2.2 meters or 86 inches
  • Automatic

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