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Roll slitters and Roll Slitting Machines

Roll slitting machine - TOP 30 5M

Because rolls up to 5.0mts large also needs to be cut! this is the perfect tool for slitting big master rolls.

Top30 5M Roll cutting machine has been developed specifically for the large format in digital printing industry and signage.

Technical specifications

  • Automatic blade sharpener.
  • 1 cutting head.
  • up to 30 cm diameter or 12 inches
  • Length: Up to 5mts or 200 inches
  • Wet Blade device.
  • Digital counter.
  • CE safety rules.

Top30 5M built from the experience, working every day closely with our customers. This roll slitter offers the best solution for your roll-stock orders obtaining fast and high quality roll delivers. The easiest, fastest and safest way to handle rolls onto the cradle.
Automatic blade sharpener at the same machine which keeps the blade ready!
Blade wet System to keep the blade cool.
Adjutable speeds for the blade and for the roll.
Digital counter for the cutting width sizes with 0 set.
Make single cuts very fast.
Easy to use and built to last.
Clean and perfect cut, no wires, no welding surfaces. Any kind of material can be cut with this machine.

Technical features

Diameter possibilities Up to 30 cm or 12 inches.
Length 5.0 meters or 200 inches
Heads 1 cutting head – 2 cutting heads
Automatization grade Manual – Semiautomatic – Automatic
Our sectors specialized Composites, Home Textile,Geotextiles, Techtextiles, Automotive, Aeronautics, Digital printing, Sign, Warehouses.


Fabrics & Textiles, Polyester, Pvc Banners & Mesh , Vinyl, Fiberglass, Prepeg fibers, Carbon fibers, single- and double-sided adhesive tape, Reflective tape, Application premask tape, banners, Awnings, Felt, Foam, Bubblewrap, Packaging materials, Gasket, Rubber, Electrical tape, Magnetic material, Lexan film, Paper rolls, Duct tape, Masking tape, Window film, Photo-paper, PVC film, Electrostatic material, Protective films etc.