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Roll slitters and Roll Slitting Machines

A wide range of roll slitters

We manufacture high-quality roll slitters

Our machines are designed to quickly and accurately slit wide variety of roll materials, Such as vinyl, fiberglass, carbon fibers, single- and double-sided adhesive tape, reflective tape, application premask tape, banners, awnings, fabrics, felt, foam, bubblewrap, cardboard, packaging material, gasket, rubber, electrical tape, magnetic material, lexan film, paper rolls, pin-striping material, duct tape, masking tape, window film, photo-paper, PVC film, electrostatic material, protective films etc.

For cutting rolls up to 5.0mts / Super wide Format printers

Ribamatic has developed a 5mts long machine for the large format digital printing industry,we have the solution for some specific companies that they have to cut mostly rolls up to 5.0mts long of pvc banners, mesh, backlit, fromtlit, vinyls, polyesters and many other materials.



  • 1 cutting head
  • Easy handling process
  • Automatic blade sharpener
  • Up to 30 cm diameter
  • Length: 5 mts
  • Manual

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DOT 40 5M



  • 2 cutting head
  • Easy handling process.
  • Automatic blade sharpener.
  • Up to 40cm diameter
  • Length: up to 5 mts
  • Manual

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