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Roll slitters and Roll Slitting Machines

Roll cutter for Nonwovens fabrics and Composites

Top 50 fully automatic is the perfect roll slitting machine to get your first cut within seconds!

This Roll cutter is programable and fully automatic, is the fastest and most accurate solution for cutting rolls. Equipped with two motorized steel rollers to support the rolls, it has been designed to cut any kind of material into strips, such as fabrics, non-woven fabric, Spunbonds, Meltblowns carpets, synthetic leather

Since 1920 RIBAMATIC designs and manufactures Roll slitting machines for the making of face masks and Face covers for Health Industry, we are contributing to fight against the virus Covid-19 makinf the roll cutters for the Nonwoven materials and hospital clothes- Roll Slitting machine TOP50

Offers the best solution for your roll-stock orders, obtaining fast and high quality roll delivers.

LCD touchscreen panel that controls every function.

The operator can adjust and save each cutting program for any material.

Possibility to preset the number of cut and lenght for each roll.

Inteligent cutting head wich finds the roll in any place of the cradle.

High productivity, efficiency and quality of production.

The easiest, fastest and safest way to handle rolls onto the cradle.

Automatic blade sharpener at the same machine which keeps the blade ready!

Blade wet System to keep the blade cool.

Adjutable speeds for the blade and for the roll.

Make single cuts very fast.

Easy to use and built to last.

Clean and perfect cut, no wires, no welding surfaces.