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Roll slitters and Roll Slitting Machines

Roll slitting machine for Nonwoven, Fabrics, Fiberglass rolls

The best way to cut a master roll into narrower ribbons, the blade cuts through the material and core in just a few seconds. This roll cutter allows to slit small and big diameters of any kind of material in roll.

Technical specifications

  • Automatic blade sharpener.
  • 1 cutting head.
  • Up to 40 cm diameter or 16 inches
  • Length: 2.0m 3m & 5m. or 80 - 120 - 200 inches.
  • Wet Blade device.
  • Digital counter.
  • CE safety rules.

Our Top40  roll slitting machine can process a wide range of materials. This roll cutting machine  can easily slit with the highest safety for the operator, it's big blade allows to cut big master rolls the blade is totally protected by a guard and the operator can perform the cut only if both hands are on a pushbutton and on the cutting lever.  Autotmatic double sharpening of the circular knife and automatic blade wet system for the hardest materials in rolls.

Our slitter is specifically indicated for processing the most complicated materials in Composites industry, technical textiles and home textiles industry, the fast and precise roll slitting with absolutely no waste of roll.

 Avoid wires and melting surfaces after the cut, our cutting tehcnology keeps the blade warming effect.

Techical features

Diameter possibilities Up to 40 cm or 16 inches.
Length 2.5 - 3.0 - 5.0 meters or 80 - 120 - 200 inches
Heads 1 cutting head – 2 cutting heads
Automatization grade Manual – Semiautomatic – Automatic
Our sectors specialized Composites, Home Textile, Apparel, Filters industry, Automotive, Aeronautics.


Fabrics & Textiles, Polyester, Pvc Banners & Mesh, Fiberglass & Carbonfibe, Aramids, Prepeg, Nonwovens, Foils, Foam, Tpo & EPDM Rubbers, Polypropilene & Polyethilene, Spunbonds.