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Roll slitters and Roll Slitting Machines

Roll slitting machine - KIT

Roll slitting machine  can process ribbons up to 5m/m width.  It's non rotating mandrel keeps the blade with long life and never damages it and the automatic and programable blade sharpener makes big differences  in the final cut. Find your version, manual / semiautomatic / fully automatic.

Technical specifications

  • 1 cutting head
  • Up to 30 cm diameter or 12 inches
  • Length: up to 2.40 meters or 95 inches
  • Digital counter / tactil scren
  • Automatic expansion ring.
  • Automatic wet blade device.
  • Manual or automatic versions.
  • Safety CE normed.

Visit our new FULLY AUTOMATIC KIT roll slitting machine


KIT  allows to slit with high accuracy a wide range of materials mostly for the technical textiles and fabrics, the input roll is placed inside a central mandrel which opens and close automatically,  the roll is locked through a swelling rubber in the internal part and  through a grip plate for the external part of the roll,   thanks to its fast  fixing axle and plate we can set the roll with a minimum effort.  Possibility to cut rolls with 2” and 3” cores. Speed regulator for the blade and for the roll separetly. Digital counter with encoder and zero position for the small  and big sizes.

Specially designed fo an easy to use and built to last. Clean and perfect cut, no wires, no welding surfaces. Kit is built strong from a large experience.

Techical features

Diameter possibilities Up to 30 cm or 12 inches
Length Up to 2.40mts or 95 inches
Heads 1 cutting head
Automatization grade Manual / Semi / Fully automatic
Our sectors specialized Apparel, Technical Textiles, Interlinings, Swimwear, Lingerie.


Fabrics & Textiles, Polyester, Pvc Banners & Mesh , Fiberglass & Carbonfibe, Nonwovens, Foils, Foam, Tpo & EPDM Rubbers, Polypropilene & Polyethilene.