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Roll slitters and Roll Slitting Machines

Fabric rolling machine - PULP

From roll to roll and cut Length

If you have the requirement to roll fabric from one roll to another, whether the reason is for inspection, measuring, cut length or just to improve the roll presentation, the task without a powered rolling machine is exceedingly difficult. The PULP range rewinders are the best solution for Fiberglass rolls, Carbonfibers, Cloth, Textiles.

Technical specifications


■ Max width: 3,2 mts or 130inch                    

■ Kind of material: Fiberglass-PVC-Stretch fabrics-Nonwoven-Textiles.

■ Input roll diameter max: 40cm

■ Roll weight input roll: 400kg

■ Output roll diameter: 40cm

■ Inner diameter core: ø 75 mm 3”- 50mm 2"

■ Input feding system: On a cradle of driven rollers.

■ Output roll: On two driven rollers.

■ Power: 7kw

■ Pneumatic Pressure: 6 Bars

■ Voltage: 400 V. – 50 Hz. – III F 

Our  rewiding machine PULP  is able to process any kind of material in a roll form,  Built to advance even further the quality of roll presentation, specially indicated for Composites and Techncial textiles industries. 

Easy and safe roll handling process, avoid to put the roll inside a shaft.

We can adjust speed between the cradle and the output rollers, so we can control the stretch tension of the material.

Automatic threading system which clamps the material from the rear part and put the material onto the rollers which are in front of the machine so the first layer goes automatically to the front part of the machine onto the driven rollers.

Photocells Automatic edge guidance for high quality roll presentation. 

Cross cutter device equipped with a cutting machine and self sharpening.

Two small rollers where we can place  the finished roll.

We can increase or decrease the speed during the rewinding action through an external potentiometer.

We can adjust the end roll hardness with a external potentiometer.





Technical features

Diameter possibilities Up to 40cm or 16inch.
Length Up to 3.2 mts or 120inch.
Function: Meter counting and cutting length.
Automatization grade Automatic
Our sectors specialized Composites, Home Textile,Geotextiles, Techtextiles, Apparel, Filters industry, Automotive, Aeronautics, Digital printing, Sign, Warehouses.


Fabrics & Textiles, Polyester, Pvc Banners & Mesh , Vinyl, Fiberglass, Prepeg fibers, Carbon fibers, single- and double-sided adhesive tape, Reflective tape, Application premask tape, banners, Awnings, Felt, Foam, Bubblewrap, Packaging materials, Gasket, Rubber, Electrical tape, Magnetic material, Lexan film, Paper rolls, Duct tape, Masking tape, Window film, Photo-paper, PVC film, Electrostatic material, Protective films etc.