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Roll slitters and Roll Slitting Machines


Vinyl Roll Rewinder, Trimmer and Roll Slitter.

If you have the requirement to roll Vinyl from one roll to another, whether the reason is for inspection, measuring, cut length or just to improve the roll presentation, the task without a powered rolling machine is exceedingly difficult. The Artik Pro range rewinders are the best solution for Vinyls, Reflective, Films, Papers.       

Easy and fast loading Shaftless system, no need to put the roll inside a shaft.

Program the length on the touch screen, Automatic Stop.

Integrated cutting system after the rewinding process.

Adjust the tension while rewinding, new system where we can give more or less tension to the end roll, Speed adjustable during the process.

Technical specifications

■ Max width: 1,6 Mts /64 inch                ,

■ Kind of material: Colored Vinyl, Selfadhesives, Reflectant, Films, Banners, papers.

■ Input roll diameter max: 25cm

■ Roll weight input roll: 50kg

■ Inner diameter core: ø 75 mm 3”- 50mm 2"

■ Input feding system: On a cradle of driven rollers.

■ Output roll: On shaft.

■ Power: 0.37kw

■ Voltage: Single phase 220

Technical features

Diameter possibilities Up to 25cm
Length Up to 1,6mts
Function: Meter counting and cutter-Roll slitting.
Automatization grade Automatic
Our sectors specialized Digital printing, Sign, Warehouses.


Vinyls, Lexan film, Paper roll,  Window film, Photo-paper, PVC film, Electrostatic material, Protective films, Reflectants, Colored vinyls, pvc banners.