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Roll slitters and Roll Slitting Machines

Band Knife - R.1500




It is an impressive machine that transforms complex cutting procedures into a simple, effective process with the minimum of fuss. 

Technical specifications

  • Table size: 2.30 * 1.20 meters

  • Cutting height: 1.50 meters or 59 inches

  • Manual





  • Manual slidding table through a ball bearing device.

  • Mechanical device for repetitive cuts.

  • Two sets of blade sharpener for cutiing  both directions.

  • Warning Light indicating bandknife running.  Safety microswitches on the machine for sudden stop when guards are opened.

  • Machine spotlight with adjustable lamp enclosed in the machine frame.

  • Useful cuting height  1.45mts.

  • Useful cutting radius 1.45mts.

  • Two guide band knife bearings, one  in the upper part and the other down the table.

  • Lateral mobile panel  of  1.2mts.

  • Control panel composed by: Stop emergency, on/off machine, two hands buttons.

Techical features

Automatization grade Manual
Materials Polyurethans
Sectors Upholstery, Matressers, Industry