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Roll slitters and Roll Slitting Machines

Band Knife - R.120




It is an impressive machine that transforms complex cutting procedures into a simple, effective process with the minimum of fuss. 

Technical specifications

  • Table size: 2.30 * 1.20 meters

  • Cutting height: 30 cm or 12 inches

  • Manual





  • Three wheels band knife cutting machine.

  • Band knife cutting machine with a standard version continuous belt.

  • Band knife cutting machine structure made with metal wide 3mm, strong stability with free vibrations.

  • Regulation of the height blade protection through mechanic wheel.

  • Knife wheels diameter 39 cm,  3 cm wide. it gives stronger contact between wheel-blade, having plus stability and strength while cutting proces, and avoinding the slippery surface if working with silicon.

  • Built-in sharpener visible for the operator.

  • Cutting height 30 cm.

  • Smooth or air blowing table 120cm x 230cm.

Techical features

Automatization grade Manual
Materials Fabrics & Textiles &/Polyester, Pvc Banners & Mesh , Fiberglass & Carbonfibe, Vinyls / Reflective & Selfadhesives, Papers, Nonwovens, Foils, Foam, Tpo & EPDM Rubbers olypropilene & Polyethilene
Sectors Apparel, composites and industry.