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Roll slitters and Roll Slitting Machines


We are happy to say that the Roll Slitter machine TOP is the most sold for the Nonwovens facemask producers all over the world. Since 1920 RIBAMATIC designs and manufactures Roll slitting machines for the making of face masks and Face covers for Health Industry. Our Mass production of Roll cutters machine is specially dedicated to cut Nonwoven rolls in different length and diameters. Our range of machinery allows to cut rolls up to 80cm diameter and 5meters large. Spunbond non woven, spunbond fabric products can be given as absorbent or repellent. Absorbent or repellent spunbond nonwoven products are generally used in medical industrial products, disposable operating room covers, patient visitor fabrics, and doctor dresses. Medical products & supplies Bed linen. Carpet/carpet backings. Diapers. ... Floor Duster Cloths. ... Conductive Fabric. Home Furnishing Fabrics. Laundry Dryer Sheets.

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Vinyl Rewinding Machine.

Specially for Colored Vinyl Rolls, Reflective, Window films, papers, banners.

Ribamatic has designed a  new Rewinidng machine for all kind of materials suc has Colored Vinyls, Reflective, Window films, papers etc.

Easy and fast loading Shaftless system, no need to put the roll inside a shaft.

Program the length on the touch screen, Automatic Stop.

Integrated cutting system after the rewinding process. Adjust the tension while rewinding, new system where we can give more or less tension to the end roll. Speed adjustable during the process.

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Best Machine for Face masks producers and hospital products.

This Roll cutter is ready for cutting the most complicated Nonwovens rolls, Fiberglass and Fabrics.

Robust machine ideally suited for heavy duty 24 hour operation, with instant changeover between jobs production is maximised. The Roll Slitting machine its indicated for Nonwoven rolls, Spunbond, Meltblown, Carbon fibers textiles among other materials.

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NEW MODEL Rewinding Machine PULP

From roll to roll and cut Length of Fiberglass-PVC-Textiles

If you have the requirement to roll fabric from one roll to another, whether the reason is for inspection, measuring, cut length or just to improve the roll presentation.

The PULP range rewinders are the best solution for Fiberglass rolls, Carbonfibers, Cloth, Textiles. Our  rewiding machine PULP  is able to process any kind of material in a roll form,  Built to advance even further the quality of roll presentation, specially indicated for Composites and Techncial textiles industries. 

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Roll Slitter DOT30

2 cutting heads Ribamatic manual roll slitters and roll slitting machines

The easiest way to slit a roll into narrowers ribbons, our slitters offers the possibility to slit any kind of material  such as  Fabrics & Textiles, Polyester, Pvc Banners & Mesh , Vinyl, Fiberglass, Prepeg fibers, Carbon fibers, single- and double-sided adhesive tape, Reflective tape, Application premask tape, banners, Awnings, Felt, Foam, Bubblewrap, Packaging materials, Gasket, Rubber, Electrical tape, Magnetic material, Lexan film, Paper rolls, Duct tape, Masking tape, Window film, Photo-paper, PVC film, Electrostatic material, Protective films and much more!

Our range of log slitting  machines give you the possibility for improving your business and offers you the best solution for your roll-stock orders, Obtaining fast and high quality roll delivers. DOT 30 is the right tool for cutting all kind of materials, this roll slitting machines allows to slit with two cutting heads which can be used separately, choose the right one for each material and make single cuts faster!

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Fairs & Events

Where we will present our new machinery during 2017 season.

2 Shows in USA  -  East & West part.  

4 Shows around Europe - 2 in  France & 2 in Germany.

We are proud to present a limited edition print information for our fair visitors, for more information please feel free to contact our sales department at

Automatization Grade

Automatic roll slitting machine TOP30P

Roll cutter in action cutting textiles, fiberglass rolls and carbonfibers, this is the best solution for the Composites, Automotive, Aeronautics, Technical textiles, Geotextiles, Apparel, Home textiles.

Roll slitting machine KIT

Roll cutter in action slitting polyester and textile rolls, this machine can process ribbons up to 5m/m  width. Specially indicated for the Apparel, Interlinings, Swimswits, Lingerie.

Manual roll slitter TOP30

Roll cutter in action showing the cutting process for different kind of materials, specially Mesh, polyester, pvc banners and other materials. It's simple and quick to operate find all the slitters technology in the TOP30.

Roll slitting machine

Artik is a single blade roll cutter  view this machine in action cutting Vinyls, Pvc banners, Papers.

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Roll cutter for rolls up to 5 meters large

This machine is specially indicated for the super wide format in Composites & Digital printing, avoid roll-storage problems and cut your own rolls at the right cutting widths. TOP30 5M is built strong from a large experience with high reliability and  time tested proven machines. Choose the right  version according to your needs. this machine is a motorized single blade log slitter that is simple and quick to operate, choose the manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic version!

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